Cecil Park Concreting offers a full range of concreting service for the Sydney, Illawarra and Southern Highlands areas.

Here are just some of the areas we specialise in;

Waffle Pod Slabs

Waffle Pod Slab Systems are fast becoming the preferred option for new homes, renovations and commercial buildings.

They reduce waste and minimise impact on the environment, with no excavated rubble to deal with and a lot less soil disturbance.

But as well as ensuring a cleaner site, Waffle Pod Slabs also more efficient than Strip footings and Raft Slabs. This is due to concrete quantities being more predictable.

Cecil Park Concreting is NSW leading Waffle Pod Slab provider, offering future-proofed solutions that save money and stand the test of time.

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Strip Footings

Strip Footings support both internal and external supporting walls by placing strips of concrete into a trench and reinforcing with steel.

They are perfect for sloping blocks because they require no formwork and the fact that they are buried below the surface means they improve the external finish of the building. 

Cecil Park Concreting has built hundreds of Strip Footings and can easily quote a fixed price for your next project.

Infill Slabs

Infill Slabs are particularly popular on sloping sites when combined with a strip footing. The infill slab is supported by subfloor brickwork and compacted filling material.

Cecil Park Concreting is Sydney’s most experienced Infill Slab supplier, so call us today for a fixed price quote.


With a range of modern designs and finishes, Cecil Park Concreting can improve the look, functionality and value of your home.

Our concrete driveways include excavation, drainage, concreting and sealing, so they are ready to use almost immediately.

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